Ways to Make Office Spaces More productive, Network Friendly & Motivational

Gone are the times when office spaces were conventional, cluttered & boring and boredom became a nature of people in offices. The digital age office spaces have become chic, bold and unconventional offering employees flexibility and convenience. Innovative interior designs and out of the box designs have made working in office a remarkable journey instead of places which could exhaust you out.

The architecture of the space boosts productivity & enhances the work environment in office. So if you are planning to get a new and awesome office space developed, below are few of the latest ideas you can choose from.

1. Unconventional sitting arrangement

New age corporate set-ups have started adopting uncommon and unique style of seating arrangement that gives freedom and flexibility to the employee. So if you are planning to get a new office space developed, check out some of the trendy seating options:

  • Open areas – Allows anyone to sit anywhere and do the work, you are no longer bound to your particular cabin. The addition of indoor plants and bold colour shades makes the area attractive and induces positive vibes empowering a better work environment. Get the attractive open spaces developed with latest designs in your office.
  • Work station near windows – Better light allows better work management & this is exactly what work station near the windows do. Letting you sight the beautiful view outside is just what calls to prepare that presentation!
  • Enclosed cubicles – We understand the need to complete projects & here is just where the enclosed cubical comes into play. Ditching the old cabin, these are the ones carved out of the wall with embedded led lights give you the privacy to finish off your assignment. These boxes are usually made out of gypsum partitions and glass cubicals with comfy seats.
Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve

2. Cool cafes & Binge Areas

You just can’t work empty stomach, so a cool & sassy binging area is a must have. Showing off quirky designs include cozy spaces which gives you private space to binge on the food you want. Live food counters gives the employee chance to get their fav dish prepared. You can get a cool cafe built in your new office for the employees.

3. Drawing inspiration from Spaces

The architecture, designing, colour combination of a place are parameters which give the space its much needed feel. Get your corporate space inspired with unique designs, bold shades, quirky and innovative ideas. Offices have become a second home to many who enjoy coming to the place and get an atmosphere where they are able to choose where and how to work from. The ambience of a work place calls for creative designing ideas that motivate employees and enhances productivity and this is just what the perfect design in an office can do!

4. Decor that enhances the look

Adding new and creative decor ideas to the place such as artificial grass, designer partitions can make the space look jazzy and vibrant. You can install funky chandeliers and cool lightning that illuminates the space & gives the feel of open areas. Addition of mirrors here and there looks beautiful.

5. Soundproof pods

The latest in style soundproof pods act as phone stations where you can receive a call, attend conference call with a client or close a deal on your phone without any disturbance. No more moving out of the office just to attend calls in silence. You can also use these pods for skype or video calls with client again in complete silence as it minimises outside noise. With these soundproof pods, you can give your employees the best working environment.

So get ready to groove up your office space and let it speak revolution in the first look!

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