Colours are an intricate element when it comes to designing homes. They are used to create layered interiors and add that pop of colour in a neutral space. The visual impact that colours bring to a home lifts the overall look and design. When infused correctly, colours can make your home look beautiful as ever! If you’re looking for some inspiration on how you can bring a dull corner to life, here are 5 smart ways in which you can infuse colours into your home.

1. Add a pop of colour through accessories

Adding accessories with bright colours in a neutral white space is one of the easiest ways to bring colours to that place. One can be playful with various colours by incorporating them in coloured rugs, lamps, cushions, vases, and blankets. Adding colourful hues to the place through accessories is comparatively less risky than going for bold paints and you can experiment with different styles and accessories too! Daring colours along with a little effort will totally change how your corner looks like! Adding warm tones through accessories is a smarter choice since it accentuates coziness. Choose from the hues that compliment each other. For example, if your walls are grey in colour, you can add any accessory of your choice in yellow.

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2. Go bold with furniture

If your living room has walls of neutral colours, adding a pop of colour with the furniture will accentuate the look of the room and make it look stylish. You can choose from a variety of colours according to your style and colour schemes and play around. Alternatively, you can also add a hint of colour to the existing furniture by painting the piping of the furniture or the legs of the chairs. When it comes to living room, adding a bold colour to the curtains and blinds will make it look more beautiful. Shades of blue look great on furniture in the living room that has a neutral colour on the walls.

3. Add a pop of colour to the walls

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Sometimes adding a bright hue to the neutral colours can elevate the look of the room. If you have furniture that is white in colour, or probably in any other neutral shade, you can add a hint of bright colour to the walls to make the room look prettier. This will make sure that you don’t go over the top as well as make your room look stylish and elegant as ever. Choose from a variety of colours according to your preference and paint the walls with the same. However, you should also keep in mind about what colours suit a room. For example, neutral colours look great in the living and dining room since it helps in emphasizing the furniture. The colours in the bedroom or bathroom can be bright and you can go all creative!

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4. Frame game

Adding frames to your empty walls will not only look artsy but will also make it look popped out. Hanging artworks on rich toned walls like browns, greens, and blues will create a statement. Also, if your walls have an artwork or design in prints, you can try adding a frame that is yellow in colour to make it stand out. A pop of yellow hue on the frame will immediately enhance the look of the poster or art and in turn make your wall look polished.

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5. Take the colours underfoot

You can also go for vibrant colours on the floor in the dining room since it will make it look more eclectic. A colour-blocked rug or mat underneath the dining table and chairs will embrace the look of the room. Two-toned curtains in the living room will add extra height to the place and make it look anchored.

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Incorporate these ideas in your home and give it a complete makeover. Make sure that you choose according to your needs and keep in mind about the room that you want to transform. The dining rooms ideas can’t be incorporated into the kitchen and vice versa. Play with colours and go all out!

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