With the right light fixture, even the soft glow of a dimmed light can really dazzle. Particularly after sunset, interiors are only as elegant as the lighting fixtures that illuminate them. Choosing the right pendant light, wall sconce, or lantern for that matter is just as important as selecting fabrics or furniture. Mixing and matching styles can liven up a more contemporary space, while antique fixtures can add warmth and character to a modern interior. A fixture, be it metal, crystal, wood, or glass, paired with a room of complementary style and scale, can make an interior truly shine.

Here are 5 fixtures that would give your room a vibe that it never had.

Ceiling light fixtures

Ceiling light fixtures are an excellent option to add ultra-modern style to our homes. From chandeliers to trendsetting pendant fixtures, the market is inundated with all varieties of these lamps . While on one hand, this is very promising to those who have been racking their brains about replacing the run-of-the-mill tube lights with these stunning ceiling lights on the other hand, it can be quite an overwhelming task finding the appropriate fixture which would be an amalgamation of utility and aesthetic appeal.

Desk, Floor & Table Lamps

Made in a wide range of sizes and styles, lamps are extremely versatile and portable sources of light in a room. Most lamps direct light downward, with the exception of a torchiere, which is a floor lamp that directs its light upward. Lamps are often used as task lights, particularly for reading, but can also provide ambient light.


Installed above the ceiling, this type of lighting has an opening that is flush with the ceiling. A recessed light requires at least 6 inches of clearance above the ceiling, and insulation is essential to ensure that condensation does not drip into the fixture. Recessed lighting sends a relatively narrow band of light in one direction; it can be used to provide ambient, task or accent lighting.


Pendant lights are the ones that are suspended directly from the ceiling. They are used in general over display tables and counters or for the general illumination. They are perfect for tall ceilings, simply because the cables can have the required length to perfectly illuminate your store. The main applications for this type of ceiling fixture are in general lighting and task lighting.

Wall sconces

Perfect for both ambient and task lighting, wall sconces, in general, direct light vertically, either upwards or downwards. They are used both for exterior and interior illumination, being able to emphasize any architectural details of the building exterior as well as merchandise, interior design elements and any other area you may want to attract attention to.

Good lights add a great value to the design and feel of any home, hence play a crucial role in any home.

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