Making your own house is a big milestone in anyone’s life. A milestone that people plan much in advance and have a lot of dreams around.

We understand those dreams and aspirations and that is why we build every home as if it is ours for we can make your dream a reality only if we dream it like you do!

With more than 35 years into the Construction & Interiors industry, we felt the experience of Home Construction is broken and needed a change. It is time that technology takes over to make home construction more timely, efficient, manageable and more predictable.

We disrupt the way future homes would be designed and build, still keeping the wholesome feeling around home construction intact.

We understand how magical it feels while making a house, it gives one their root, a root which will give a fresh start to the new phase of the family and help them grow. And that is why we want everything to be perfect and just as envisioned.

The current process of making a house is not easy and requires a lot of time and effort to juggle between multiple agencies. In the due process and hasty decisions, the house does not even end up looking what it was designed as and still leaves the home owner tired and disappointed.

Exactly why we felt the need to take complete charge and take end to end responsibility of making the house & providing 360° solution by taking a structured approach to home construction. From design to complete execution to making it move in ready, we run the whole process for you. As we firmly believe the only way to start your new life in a new home is with loads of happiness and positivity.

Hence our logo, Celtic Tree of Life echoes our ideology that each home is a fresh start for the family and needs loads of  positive energy, good health and a bright future. It is a symbol of immortality, growth and strength. The branches stretching upwards and the roots going deep into the earth symbolise the harmonious connection between heaven and earth.

Keeping in mind the same, we ensure each home built by us is designed by internationally acclaimed architects & designers. We take pride in the quality of construction that we do, that beats any international standard be it electrical/plumbing consultants, execution teams, kitchens, wardrobes, lighting, bespoke furniture designers & manufacturers, decor, furnishings, home automation and loads of international & latest products to make your house an affectionate place to live.

Team Liveup cherry picks the best in each vertical to suit your requirements and ensure a job well done, retaining your personal style as we believe that your home should echo your persona!

It is time now that you let us take the headache and hassle of building your dream house. We will ensure that this dream becomes a reality for we take full responsibility from conceptualisation to execution with zero deviation.

We have fallen in love with every house that we have designed, built and decorated. Hope to fall in love with your house too!!!

Gouri Ekmeet Singh

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