High tech security is not an amenity any more, but has become a necessity to protect houses. These days hi-tech security gadgets are able to keep the houses secure in the absence of the owners. Thanks to the constantly improving technology sector which has made locks, security systems and video solutions high grade!

Interactive apps, hi tech security, video monitoring through home security cameras, easy access for home automation solutions has definitely made security breach difficult. So if you are also planning to get your house renovated or starting construction for a new house, here is a list of few security system you just cannot miss.

High Tech Security Devices you cannot miss

1. Smart door lock

The smart door lock opens via fingerprint or pass codes. It can easily store fingerprints of up to 20 people so you can get all members of your house to save their fingerprint. It also conserves energy by powering down whenever it is not in use and starts work as it senses motion. So this can be a great choice for your home.

2. Home automation system

This will help keep all your connected devices at one place making it convenient for you to control everything with ease. So now you won’t have to worry about temperature control, locks, etc. when there is just one place you need to click. Getting this smart and innovative home automation system will definitely ease your worries of home security.

3. Smart home hubs

A device command control centre designed by Nermin Hasnovic for the homes.

The system allows the user to connect and streamline multiple devices and gadgets such as temperature, music, security and more from one place.

A Consumer seek to streamline multiple devices onto one platform, Hence these smart home hubs gadgets helps in turning the residence into smart home. The universal command at smart home hub gadgets provides a variety of tech functions to improve the quality of life in home including adjustments of thermostats, security camera, music players, Temperature.

This system is performed by a remote control device with buttons for each features.

The other gadgets like: Amazon Alexa and Google home are driven on voice activated home automation system.

4. The rolling eye

We always need to keep an eye on things at home, everything is in place, hope something is not missing, etc. The rolling eye regarded as the top security feature of future homes will keep an eye on things at home and will sense any kind of disturbance and doesn’t raise false alarm.

5. Monitoring Home Robots

Riley is an automated patrolling bot that is built with features to provide utmost security at homes .The Bot is a monitoring system which helps to secure home while owner is off the premises. Riley is very quick in moving from one place to other and it has the feature to detect spurious motions and send out the distress alarm if needed. Moreover Riley bot offers the consumer to stay connected to their homes with features such as night vision, speakers and microphone for communication and live footage streaming.

Home security

6. Adaptable Home security module

It’s a wide angled 180 degree camera with pan tilt, zoom, motion and sound detector a powerful 105 decibel siren and two way audio enable the home owner to speak with the people near the device through Piper app.

Despite all these facilities the piper NV can be installed easily in the home premises just by fitting it with battery and plug in with wifi connection.

7. Automatic monitoring system

This helps to keep a track of all the activities going on in your home, regular activities of the inhabitants. The system also has an in-built camera which will allow members of your house to see what’s going on in the house in real-time. It simply works on monitoring behaviour pattern.

8. App- Controlled Indoor drones

The Idea of drone is that a quad copter device which is remotely operated and fly outside the house. But Rook drone is an indoor drone which sweeps all along the home and inspection from anywhere from the world is possible on Wi-Fi either from IOS or Android device. Once we pair the indoor drone with the home wifi we can use it like a indoor flying camera allowing us to monitor the home at the real time

9. Bulletproof doors and windows

Worried about the extra security of your house, simply get the bulletproof doors and windows installed at your house. These can withstand bullet firings also, so handling small mishaps is easier than thought.

Many more awesome home security systems and features like the interactive apps that lets you know who’s at your door and provide you live footage of your home when you are away or sense changes in temperature are just some of the cool things they can do.

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